Knock and you will find it…

Sounds around started to make no sense, voices that were otherwise friendly were bidding bye, people around were virtually absent, something was sucking down the throat, a heavy lot of tonne weighing stone rolling done into the chest with perspiring hairs softening as if to soothe the rock inside. Eyes were seeing a routine visual but the images ceased to register in the brain . The dryness of the mouth looked like it was dancing to the depths of the waveforms in the neurons.

Everything is familiar enough around adding more to the alien feeling that had suddenly creeped in out of nowhere. The feeling that can still make you crippled with a million dollar cheque in hand, that can still give you a rough- ass feel on the best satins of the world, the feeling that outcasts you in your own world.

Uhaath was wondering what slammed him so badly in a matter of seconds. He suddenly felt like he just landed to a land of reality. He wondered if he was day dreaming but he know he wasnt………….